Stonehenge and Beyond - Taxi Tour of Wiltshire & Somerset



Visit Mysterious Stonehenge!

The World Heritage Site of Stonehenge is a comfortable taxi drive away.

Majestically crowning the Salisbury Plain, Stonehenge towers in ancient splendour.

What is Stonehenge?

Stonehenge remains surrounded by mystery as its true significance has been lost in the mists of time. Was it a temple for sun or moon worship? A healing centre,  a celestial calendar,  or perhaps a burial site of kings?

How did the people of the Salisbury Plain carry these massive stones from so far away? How did they build this amazing structure with their rudimentary tools?

Your Stonehenge Tour

We will collect you directly from your hotel (or any place in central London that you designate).  After a comfortable drive through London and across the countryside of the Salisbury Plain,  you will arrive at Stonehenge.

Stonehenge sun rays through the stones

Stonehenge at Sunset

Your driver is a trained tour guide and will share his knowledge of Stonehenge and the surrounding countryside.

Upon arrival at the Stonehenge Visitor’s Centre,  your driver will escort you to the ticket gate and provide any other assistance you need. You will then take the shuttle bus to the stone circle, and your driver will wait for your return.

After seeing the stones, you can visit the well-appointed English Heritage gift shop.

Tour Price

£550 for a whole day tour (up to 8 hours) for up to 5-6 people (not including Stonehenge entrance fees, see below).

Pick-up and drop-off at any central London location is included in the tour price.  Other locations may involve an extra fare.

Tour Length



On a full-day tour, you will have up to 8 hours of tour time.  Plenty of time for that pub lunch, shopping,  photos,  or whatever you choose.

Stonehenge Entrance Fees

To keep your tour cost low,  we have not included Stonehenge entrance fees in your tour price. Stonehenge entrance must be booked in advance, which you can do at the English Heritage website.

Stonehenge entrance fees are very reasonable.  However,  we highly recommend that you purchase either English Heritage membership or National Trust membership beforehand,  as your entrance to Stonehenge will then be free.  Royal Oak (a U.S. based conservation group) members also enter free of charge.

Your membership will not only gain you free entrance to Stonehenge,  but will serve you well for your entire stay in London.  Both English Heritage and National Trust have properties in London, as detailed at the following links:

English Heritage,  London

National Trust,  London

Salisbury Cathedral in Spring

Salisbury Cathedral

Would you like to go within the stone circle?

With your standard Stonehenge entrance ticket during normal opening hours,  going into the stone circle is not permitted. However,  you can go within the stone circle with a special Stone Circle Access ticket. Stone Circle Access visits take place before and after the normal opening times.

As you can imagine, Stone Circle Access visits are in high demand, and your booking request must be sent to English Heritage well in advance of your proposed date.

This is a fabulous thing to do. We have walked among the stones several times, and each time is a life-changing event.

You must book Stone Circle Access with English Heritage.  For more information and booking,  please visit the English Heritage Stone Circle Access page.

Whether you book the standard Stonehenge entrance ticket or a Stone Circle Access ticket,  please let us know when you book your taxi tour with us, so that we can be sure to get you to Stonehenge on time.

More about Stonehenge


The Stones at Avebury

If  you would like to read about Stonehenge before your tour,  you can find more information at English Heritage.

Beyond Stonehenge

On a full-day tour, you might like to make time to explore some of the surrounding countryside of Wiltshire and Somerset counties.  Some possibilities are:

Amesbury, a village just a few miles from Stonehenge whose history extends as far back as the Iron Age.  It is widely believed that the name of Amesbury derives from Ambrosius Aurelianus,  who led the Romano-British resistance to Saxon invasions in the 5th century.

Salisbury,  a magnificent medieval city that has it all:  historic streets and alleyways,  charming half-timbered buildings,  traditional English eating houses and characterful shopping streets,  not to mention a superb range of attractions,  including the UK’s finest medieval cathedral.

Woodhenge,  a Neolithic monument,  dating from about 2300 BC.

Old Sarum,  the mighty Iron Age hill fort where the first cathedral once stood and where the Romans,  Normans,   and Saxons have all left their mark.

Old Wardour Castle,  where you can climb the turrets of this castle that was used in the filming of “Robin Hood Prince of Thieves”.

Glastonbury, Chalice Well Gardens

Glastonbury, Chalice Well Gardens

Avebury rivals Stonehenge as the largest,  most impressive and complex prehistoric site in Britain.  The pretty village of Avebury is partially encompassed by the stone circle.

Silbury Hill,  the largest man-made mound in Europe was probably completed around 2400 BC.  Mysterious Silbury Hill compares in height and volume to the Egyptian pyramids.

The Town of Glastonbury, designated a conservation area, centers around the evocative ruins of Glastonbury Abbey.  This pleasant market town is also home to Chalice Well, Wearyall Hill, and The Tor.

The City of Bath, a World Heritage Site, presents some of the finest architectural sights in Europe such as the Royal Crescent, the Circus, and Pulteney Bridge, alongside a diverse collection of museums and attractions including the Roman Baths, Jane Austen Centre, and Thermae Bath Spa.

Castle Combe, the prettiest village in England, is situated on the southern-most edge of the Cotswolds and is approximately 12 miles from the City of Bath.

Wheel Chair Accessible


City of Bath, Roman Baths

For our Stonehenge tours,  we use our spacious and comfortable Mercedes Vito taxis, which can easily accommodate electric or manual wheelchairs.  Our driver will happily render any assistance you need. Stonehenge itself is wheel-chair accessible.

Flight Layover Tours

If you have a long flight layover and would like a tour of Stonehenge,  we can pick you up at the airport and deliver you back in time for your departing flight.

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